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Magicard Enduro - Printing black text using a colour ribbon

To ensure that black text is printed using the black panel on the ribbon please refer to this PDF Click-Here

Magicard Pronto, Enduro, Rio Pro - Tips for Enhanced Printing and Driver Settings

The following is a guide to the Magicard printer driver settings that can be adjusted to enhance the printing of your ID card. View Guide Here

NEW Magicard Printer Driver released for Pronto, Enduro and Rio Pro

Ultra Magicard Electronics have released an update to their unified printer driver. The new Unified Printer Driver is version 2.0.12 & is for use with the Rio Pro, Enduro + & Pronto Printers. If your printer driver has not prompted you to update, please visit the Magicard web site using the link below & download & install V2.0.12. https://support.ultramagicard.com/category/printer-drivers-firmware-software/ On the same web page you will find the Magicard Printer Support Utility – if you have not already installed this additional feature you may find it useful. Remember, it is good practice to ensure that your card creation software is kept up to date as well as your card printer driver & firmware. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or would like assistance with updating your driver.

Optimising Print Quality on a Pronto, Enduro and Rio Pro

Click on this link to read the PDF

Installation Problems

Drivers and Firmware

A common mistake when performing an installation is plugging in the printer prior to running the Driver. To correct the problem remove the device from Device Manager whilst the printer is still plugged in via its USB cable. Next remove the Driver using the Add/Remove tab. Once the driver has been removed, disconnect the USB cable and restart the PC. Run the Driver installation again and ensure the Printer is only plugged in via the USB cable when you are prompted to connect it. For trouble shooting purposes we advise against plugging into a USB Hub.
This is common if an incorrect power adapter is used. It usually applies if you have replaced an older Magicard printer and connected the new Magicard Printer into the old unit’s power pack.

Printing Problems

If the Printer is printing monochrome, but has a colour ribbon installed there are several possibilities that could cause this.
  1. The Driver may be incorrectly set to monochrome. To check the setting, open the Magicard Rio Pro/Enduro Printing Preferences tab. By clicking on the’ card front’ and ‘card back’ tabs you can ensure it is set to print in colour. Note: it is advisable to shut down any software you are using before changing any settings.
  2. The Printer reads from an RFID chip in the ribbon to determine which ribbon type is installed. If the Printer can’t read the RFID on the ribbon then you will get a monochrome yellow print, followed by Magenta etc). It could be that the ribbon is faulty. This can be determined by trying a different ribbon. If the alternative ribbon works, then this is a clear indication that the original is faulty and will need to be replaced.
  3. It could be that the Printer’s RFID antenna has developed a fault. If this is the case then the Printer will need to go back to Magicard’s approved Repair Station for repair. A faulty RFID antenna means the ribbon will only print in monochrome yellow print, followed by Magenta etc).
We recommend the printer rollers are cleaned with the appropriate Magicard cleaning card every time the dye film is replaced.
The usual cause is dust or finger marks on cards. Ensure the cards are stored appropriately and handle them carefully. If they look as though they’ve been handled because they haven’t been stored correctly, we suggest wiping them with a microfibre cloth and then try a test print. Additionally ensure the cleaning roller has been recently replaced. If the roller is still sticky then it won’t need replacing but if it’s smooth to touch then the cleaning roller will need to be replaced.
The cause of this is either a dirty or faulty printhead. First try cleaning the printhead with a printhead cleaning pen. If this fails then it is most certainly a faulty printhead. For replacement printhead please contact UltraMagicard directly for an RMA number. If the Printer is in warranty the cost of the replacement is free, however if the unit is out of warranty the replacement printhead would be chargeable.
You may want to check how many cards have printed using the installed ribbon, particularly if your stored image has concentrated block colouring. However the most likely cause is the card already has an overlay on it. Sometimes when the Printer fails to print/or reject a card, the ejected card will appear to be a blank card. However having been through the Printer the card will have an overlay on it which causes the printed card to have a washed out appearance as opposed to full colour. This card should be thrown away but often the card is placed back into the pack.

Drivers and Firmware

The printer should always be installed with the latest drivers and firmware. These can be found at www.ultramagicard.com. Follow the path of Support > Technical Support > followed by your Printer model and support required = Drivers.

Ribbon Problems

This usually indicates that there is a large area of colour in the card design. If this area of colour is essential then you will need to make changes within the Printer Driver. Large areas of colour generate too much heat resulting in the ribbon snapping. The solution is to reduce the printhead power to prevent this happening.Go to Printing preferences > Advanced Tab > Printhead Power. Reduce the YMC Value by increments of 5 (default setting is 50) until the Printer no longer snaps the ribbon.


Simply power off the unit, insert the upgrade ribbon, turn the printer on, the upgrade is automatically done.
Yes, you can upgrade your Magicard Enduro or Rio Pro printer from single sided to dual sided printing by a simple electronic upgrade which is carried out automatically by inserting a special ribbon into the machine. The ribbon is equivalent to the colour MA250YMCKOK type that prints 250 cards with colour on the front and black on the back. To purchase this upgrade ribbon please click on the following link https://www.smartcardstore.co.uk/products/3633-0052-rio-pro-and-enduro-upgrade-from-single-to-dual-sided-printing

This document is designed to assist you. We are not responsible for the results of using this guide in your application.

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