Access Control Key Fobs

If you’re going to put an access control system in place at a workplace, you need to ensure the method of entry is going to be convenient to carry and easy to remember for all members of your team who will be using it, which is why we think access control key fobs are such a fantastic solution.


The perfect way to ensure nobody ever finds themselves locked out, access control key fobs are small and discrete when on your keys, but by having them attached to keys, you can’t leave the house without, you can guarantee you’ll never be caught without it.

Our range of proximity key fobs come from a selection of the best brands in the business including Indala, Salto, ACT and Paxton, so when you choose to purchase your key fobs from Smartcard, you can shop with confidence that you’ll be buying from brands that are experienced in the industry and promise unbeatable quality.

As well as offering a selection of brands to ensure we cater for all access control systems, this vast collection of makers also means there’s a variety of options for the quantities you can purchase in with pack sizes ranging from 10 to 100, so not matter how big your team is, we have a purchasing solution that will be cost effective and help you avoid wasting any of your budget on excess products.

Shop the range of access control key fobs at Smartcard today for tried and tested products and affordable prices.

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