Access Control Cards

Access control cards are the medium to make your security system usable day to day. Our range of access cards include contactless cards and proximity cards such as swipe cards, so depending on the system and reader you choose, we have the perfect card to suit you.


Card Access Control Systems

Our card access control systems are some of the safest and most reliable security systems but they also offer a totally personalised approach, not just in terms of tailoring how you grant access but also in the design of the cards. Our range of access cards can be customised to look like staff ID cards with pictures, names and more, so they double up and offer better value for money. Bringing you the best brands such as HID, MIFARE and Paxton, you can explore a range of quality contactless and swipe card entry systems here at Smartcard store, all affordably priced and available for customization. Contactless and swipe card door access control systems allows your business to restrict access when and where required with ease, so shop the range today.

Our Brands