Custom Printed Cards

High Resolution Litho Printed Cards  

Every year we supply millions of pre-printed cards to universities, colleges, libraries, loyalty card suppliers and marketing companies.  These cards usually have a high resolution design printed on them and often a barcode, magnetic stripe, signature panel, numbering, embossing, scratch-off panels or many other options or effects.  Many customers order pre-printed cards from us then use their own desktop card printer to personalise the card with a photo, text etc.   

Litho printing is the best quality reproduction that can be achieved onto PVC cards and often works out lower in cost that printing on a desktop card prnter, especially on volumes of 1000+ cards.  We supply in either gloss or matt finish and a combination of both finished really gives the card a professional feel.  Contact us at for more details or if you'd like us to send you samples of cards that we have produced before.  

Litho printig options: 

Hico Magstripe | Loco Magstripe | Magstripe Encoding | Barcode | QR Code | Numbering | Signature Panel | Micro Text | Gloos Finish | Matt Finish | Slot Punch | Hole Punch | Scratch-off Panel | Silk Screen | UV Spot | Laser Engrabing | UV Ink | Card Printing Bureau