Contactless Access Control Cards

Everything has gone contactless nowadays; our payment cards, our loyalty cards and now your access control cards too! Our selection of contactless access control cards is designed for use with suitable card readers that allow you to gain access with the simple tap of a card.


The easiest and quickest way of granting people access to a building or network, contactless access control cards can be programmed to allow access with one simple touch which provides a secure yet simple access control system that isn’t time consuming or frustrating, making travelling around an access controlled business stress free for those with the right card.

Our range of contactless access control cards is broad, allowing you to pick the perfect design to suit your needs, whether that be a blank white card or something with additional features such as a magnetic strip. We’re stocking some of the best brands in the business in our collection of contactless plastic cards to ensure we’re offering a diverse range to work for everybody’s access control systems as well as providing unbeatable quality always.

As for the prices of our contactless access control cards, we always stick to our ‘best price promise’ and therefore can confidently say that our range of contactless plastic cards is fairly and competitively priced to offer you the best value for money possible.

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