Lanyards are used every day in all different businesses around the world; from education to the NHS, the government to smaller, independent companies which means the demand for top quality lanyards is high.


Here at Smartcard, we’ve brought together an extensive selection of lanyards that can be paired with our plastic cards once you’ve printed your customised designs on to them. Our selection of lanyard designs are varied to cater for a variety of different industries and needs so that you can choose from plain lanyards, lanyards with wording and more.

Within our collection of lanyards, you can find visitor lanyards in a variety of colours, lanyards already printed with the NHS branding, staff lanyards and plain and simple lanyards that could be used for a variety of different reasons, so no matter who or what you need lanyards for, we can help.

As well as offering a variety of designs in terms of colour and wording, our selection of high-quality lanyards also boasts a range of different technical features such as an array of alterative clips and fastenings for your ID cards including J-clips, plastic clips and metal lobster clips. Alongside this range, we also have a broad selection of lanyards with attached card reels that make for easy and convenient use of the card attached.

For safety and ease, most of our lanyards are fitted with either double or triple breakaway fastenings to ensure they are secure around the neck but easy to remove if required.

If you’re on the lookout for quality lanyards that can be customised or used as they are to pair with your brand new ID cards, look no further than Smartcard – the perfect place to buy your plastic cards, printers, lanyards and more.

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