Paxton Cards, Key Fobs & Stickers

One of the leading brands in access control, Paxton access cards are some of the most used and sought after, hence we're proud of the vast selection we have available here at the Smartcard Store. Paxton cards, key fobs and stickers are mainly designed for use with Paxton readers and software, creating a totally effective and reliable access control system.


Paxton Net2 and Switch 2

One of the access control industry’s leading brands, Paxton is now available here at the Smartcard Store for affordable prices. We’re pleased to be able to offer some of Paxton’s best-selling product ranges, including the Paxton Net2 system and Paxton Switch2, another popular and in-demand system. Both the Net2 access control range and Switch2 use some of the most advanced access control technology, working with specialist cards, key fobs, stickers and more to activate the readers. Shop Paxton access control products for great prices at the Smartcard Store, discovering a range of different products that can be programmed to create a bespoke access control system to work for your individual business using proximity technology and a streamlined swipe or scan action to trigger access.

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