IDP Smart 31 Single Sided ID Card Printer


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Kit Includes: 

Smart 31 Dual Sided Card Printer (651460) 

EasyBadge Lite Card Production Software (SF-EBL) 

Colour ribbon to print 250 cards (650634) 

Pack of 100 plain white cards (CD1-100) 

Printer cleaning kit (SMART50CK) 

5 Year Warranty


The IDP Smart 31 inherits the most successful elements from its predecessor, and one of our best-selling ID card printer to date, the IDP Smart 30. The Smart 31 is an easy to use high-quality card printer and is available in both single-sided and dual-sided models. This printer is excellent value for money and offers unrivaled functionality and security features at this price point.

  • Prints to standard credit card size cards (CR80)

  • Desk friendly, with a small environmental footprint

  • Unrivaled reliability with a 5-year manufacturer warranty

    IDP Smart 31 Product Review

    The latest ID card printer to IDP’s ever-growing portfolio, the Smart 31 is reliable, easy to use and delivers a high-quality photo ID card every time. Vibrant colours, crisp, detailed text, and photo-like images come as standard with this machine.

    This printer has an unrivalled 5-year manufacturer warranty and is an ideal solution for those looking to print secure photo ID cards at a low budget, with no compromise to quality.

    Key Printer Features

    Print Quality

    With the overall look and feel of the card being high on the agenda of most organisations, the Smart 31 has revised electronics and a new motherboard system internally, that has been designed to produce a higher quality card. Combined with IDP’s FINE Imaging Technology, photo-like images, vibrant colours, and crisp, detailed text are standard on every printed card.


    IDP Smart printers are known for their reliability and are built to last. That confident in their product range, IDP Smart is the only ID card printer manufacturer to provide customers with a 5-year warranty with every machine outdoing like for like competition by a minimum of two years.


    Printing a photo ID card with no form of visual security is like crossing your fingers and hoping for the best. The Smart 31 offers an advanced card security feature at no extra cost and comes in the form of SmartMark.

    SmartMark is a watermark feature that appears in a transparent overlay panel on top of the card. It's visible to the naked eye and can be customised to include text, pictures or brand logos.

    The 31 also delivers UV ink printing which allows an image to be printed in UV ink directly onto the card which is only visible under a UV light. The benefit here is that cloned cards can be easily identified, and a popular choice is a brand logo which also adds a more personalised touch.

    Combining both elements will significantly lower the risk of printed cards being cloned.

    Card Types

    The Smart 31 will print CR80 (credit-card sized) plastic cards primarily used for staff ID, and can also print directly to access control cards such as MIFARE, HID and Paxton cards.

    Ease of Use


    Just like the Smart 30, the Smart 31 is incredibly easy to use. Everything you need comes in the box and following the quick start guide means you will be up and running in minutes. Batch printing, ribbon changes, and printer cleaning are straightforward, saving the user a considerable amount of time compared to other printers at this price point.


    Compact and sleek, the IDP Smart 31 printer won't look out of place in any office environment. The lightweight design makes moving the printer around locations extremely easy. The dimensions of the printers are as follows:

    •Single-Sided: 172mm (W) x 377mm (L) x 190mm (H)

    •Dual-Sided: 172mm (W) x 472mm (L) x 190mm (H)


    With a new curved design and Grey plastic cover panel, the 31 won’t look out of place in any desktop office space. If the machine will be located in your reception area, it will certainly give visitors the wow factor.

    Card Design Software

    Don’t forget to think about the design of your ID card, and that’s where ID card design software steps in. Our recommendation is to opt for EasyBadge Lite which is an advanced card design software that gives the user complete control over how their card looks and the ability to create and store 100 records at any given time. The software has four built-in card design templates or switch to the creative mode, giving the user the ability to design a new card from scratch.


    The IDP Smart 31 comes with two installable encoders, magnetic stripe, and contact and contactless smart card encoders. The magnetic stripe encoder allows for both cards with a lo-co & hi-co stripes to be printed on. The contactless encoder allows for MIFARE and ISO 14443 (Type A/B) cards to be printed.

    Printer Type

    The Smart 31 is a thermal card printer, or as it's also known as; a direct-to-card printer, meaning it works by transferring a design from a YMCKO or monochrome ribbon directly to the surface of the card. With the Smart 31, the user receives full edge-to-edge coverage of the card, which will leave a small white visible border around the edge and prints at the standard 300dpi (dots per inch).

    Print Speed

    Listening to customer feedback, IDP has made significant increases to print speed and now off the user a 15% increase in print speed compared to other like for like machines at this price point.


    As the IDP Smart 31 is an entry-level printer for low volume printing, its default connectivity is USB, so this means one desktop application can only use the printer at any given time. If you require multiple uses through a network, then an Ethernet connection is available as an optional upgrade.

    Operating Systems

    Standard USB/Ethernet ports and the browser-based Printer Manager helps you integrate printers into third-party applications as well as existing systems.

    This printer is compatible for use with Microsoft Windows 2000/2003/XP/ Vista/7/8/, Mac OS and Linux.



    Single Sided – Part code: 651459

    Double Sided– Part code:   651460

    With ethernet connectivity – Part code: 651536

    Single sided with Magstripe encoder – Part code: 651461

    Double sided with Magstripe encoder – Part code: 651462

    Single sided with Contactless / MIFARE Encoder – Part code: 651535

    Double sided with Contactless / MIFARE Encoder – Part code: 651539