Evolis Tattoo RW Single Sided Rewritable Card Printer TTR201BBH


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Evolis Tattoo RW Rewritable Card Printer with USB & Ethernet.

Print your plastic cards... again and again !

Tattoo RW is the ultimate solution to print temporary or updatable cards. It is the ideal solution to revise and reprint within seconds.

Visitor badges and access control badge
Transit passes, travel cards
Holiday and leisure resorts passes
Loyalty cards
Membership cards
Student IDs

With Tattoo RW, your cards are updated whenever required, while a same card can be erased, revised and printed anew up to 500 times.  


TTR201BBH Evolis Tattoo RW Base Model

TTR201BBH-M Evolis Tattoo RW with Magstripe Encoder

TTR201BBH-00CW Evolis Tattoo RW with Contactless Encoder

TTR201BBH-M0CW EvolisTattoo RW with Magstripe Encoder & Contactless Encoder