693-112 Paxton Net2 Clamshell (non printable) Proximity Card


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Paxton Net2 Clamshell (non printable) Proximity Card - 10 Pack.

The clamshell card is non-printable so can only be used for photo ID if it is used with one of our self-adhesive PVC cards. It has a slot punched in the top so can be attached to a lanyard, chain, strap clip or mini-reel without the need for a card holder. If you would like to add photo ID to your building security all you need is an ID card printer and the Paxton Net2 692-500 or 692-448 cards. Our Magicard Pronto is a perfect printer for use with Net2 software as it is compatible with the built-in ID card production module that comes as standard with Net2. After enrolling the card into Net2, you simply feed the card into the slot on the front, like an ATM. This means that you can create an ID card whilst enrolling the card into Net2 with no need for any additional software!

  • 693-1
  • 693-112
  • 693-112/50
  • 693-112/200

S-693-112 S-693-112/50 S-693-112/200