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By on January 24th, 2020

Welcome to our Magicard support page. We’ve put together some Q&A’s relating to some common queries we receive from Magicard users. There’s also some helpful links to Magicard’s own support site, including Driver and Firmware update downloads.

Driver and Firmware FAQs

The most recent Magicard Driver is: v2.0.45. You can download this directly from Magicard’s site. This Driver update is suitable for the Magicard 300, 600, Ultima, Pronto, Rio Pro 360, Rio Pro, Helix and Enduro range. It’s designed to be used on Windows operating systems.

A common mistake when performing an installation is plugging in the printer prior to running the Driver. To correct the problem remove the device from Device Manager whilst the printer is still plugged in via its USB cable. Next remove the Driver using the Add/Remove tab. Once the driver has been removed, disconnect the USB cable and restart the PC.

Run the Driver installation again and ensure the Printer is only plugged in via the USB cable when you are prompted to connect it. For trouble shooting purposes we advise against plugging into a USB Hub.

This is common if an incorrect power adapter is used. It usually applies if you have replaced an older Magicard printer and connected the new Magicard Printer into the old unit’s power pack.

On the Magicard 300, 600 and Rio Pro 360, you can check which version of Firmware your printer is running by following this path:

‘Menu’ > ‘More’ > Software info.


Printing, Ribbons and HoloKote FAQs

Ribbon breakages are a common problem for all ID card printers. If it keeps occurring, it can be annoying and disturb your print run.

First, repair the ribbon by taping the broken ends back together. If you’ve done this multipe times, carry out the steps below:

  1. Ensure you are running the latest Magicard Driver and Firmware versions.
  2. Clean your printer with a Magicard cleaning kit. Cleaning is essential if you want to ensure dust and debris do not damage the print head.
  3. Ensure your ribbon is correctly aligned within the printer itself.
  4. If the problem persists, lower the print head power.
  5. Check your cards: Plastic cards can attract dirt because of the static electricity they can produce. This could be disturbing the printing process.

From time to time, you might experience a card jam. With Magicard printers, this usually happens when cards get stuck in a flipper mechanism. Prevent this by:

  1. Ensure you’re running the latest Magicard Firmware and Driver.
  2. Carry out a full printer clean, paying particular attention to the rollers.
  3. Ensure the card guides are correctly aligned and properly seated.

On some Magicard printers you can adjust the flipper setting using the Magicard Support Utility (Rio Pro, Enduro 3e, Pronto). Carry out the following procedure:

  1.  Open the Magicard Support Utility and select the port from the drop down list that you’re using to connect to the printer, then click ‘OK’.
  2. Go to the statistics and commands tab.
  3. In the quick command line type ‘FLP1614’ and click ‘Send’. 
  4. Print a test card and see if you’re issue is resolved. If not, repeat the procedure but this time use the quick command ‘FLP1600’. 
  5. The problem should now be resolved.

The cause of this is either a dirty or faulty print head. First try cleaning the print head with a print head cleaning pen. If this fails then it is most certainly a faulty print head. If the printer is in warranty the cost of the replacement is free, however if the unit is out of warranty the replacement printhead would be chargeable.

If you’re experiencing regular breaking ribbons or find your images are too dark or light, try adjusting the print head power:

  1. Go to your computer’s ‘Devices and Printers’ folder and right-click on the relevant Magicard printer.
  2. Choose ‘Printing Preferences’ from the pop-up menu.
  3. Click on the ‘Image tab’ and then click on the ‘Options’ button.
  4. You can now reduce and increase values for Yellow, Magenta and Cyan as needed. It’s worth changing them in increments of 10 and carrying out a test print. Keep adjusting accordingly until you’re happy with the quality of your print. 

HoloKote is a standard feature across all Magicards and is unique to the brands. It allows you to add a watermark-type image to your cards, boosting security by lowering the risk of duplicate cards.

Enabling the feature will depend on your computer, but we’ve run through the basic process for Windows and Mac operating systems below.

To enable HoloKote on a PC:

  1.  Go to your computer’s ‘Devices and Printers’ folder.
  2. Right-clock on your Magicard printer. e.g. Magicard Enduro
  3. Choose ‘Printing Preferences’ from the pop up menu.
  4. Click on the ‘Card Front’ menu and check the box next to HoloKote. Now click ‘Apply’ to save the setting.
To enable HoloKote on a Mac:
  1. Within your ID card printing program, open the card design you wish to print. Click ‘Print’ and then select ‘Advanced Options’.
  2. Choose ‘Printer Features’ from the drop down menu.
  3. Choose ‘Card Front 1’ in Feature Sets, then choose ‘Print with HoloKote Image’.
  4. Click ‘Save Current Settings as Preset…’ and click ‘OK’. 
  5. Your card design will now print with a HoloKote image. 

Warranty FAQs

As standard, Magicard offers a three-year warranty on all its printers. The ‘MagiCover Plus’ package is inclusive of the print head and includes a loan service, meaning you’ll never be without a printer if yours needs to be repaired.

Magicard Resources

Click here to download the latest Magicard Printer Driver update for the 300, 600, Rio Pro, Endure and Pronto.

Click here to download the latest Magicard Printer Driver update for the Prima.





Find more helpful information relating to older printers directly on Magicard’s support site.

Magicard is one of the most well-known ID card printer manufacturers and creates high-quality machines with cutting-edge security features. 

For example, all Magicard printers benefit from a unique HoloKote watermark feature, which makes them a fantastic choice for businesses wishing to add a simple but effective extra layer of security to their ID card system.

Magicard creates direct-to-card and retransfer printers that will fit a wide range of budgets and applications. Its line-up currently includes the Pronto, 300, 600 and Prima.  

If you still require assistance with your Magicard ID card printer, give one of our friendly staff a call on the number below. We’ll be able to advise you and give you industry-leading advice.

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